Tuesday, April 13, 2010

AFS Camp

Ok time for a new post. Kay told me after my first post that I needed to post again so here I go:
Sorry I´m so lazy :( but time seems to fly by so fast and before I know it the day is over.
Since last time I posted I´ve done alot so I think I will do different posts for certain things.

Lets begin with the AFS orientation camp.

That happened in Bad Honnef. To get there I had to catch an assortment of trains to get there. At one point the girl that I was travelling with and I were scared that we had hopped on the wrong train but we hadn´t and we got there safe and sound.

However after the three legged race that night I wasn´t so safe. As most of my friends know I have an appalling sense of rhythm (who else claps out of time on Presentation night?- why they always put me right next to a microphone I´ll never know why). But anyway, may I continue? The point is that my lack of rhythm means that I am a very bad partner to have for a three legged race and Chris I am sincerely sorry that you were with me. Basically I fell alot which when combined with the masking tape around our ankles resulted in chafted skin and even a bruise around my ankle. Chocolate however did make it better :)

On the Saturday all of us amazing exchange students were spilt into groups with each group being given an egg and an apple as well as balloons with cards saying what we were thankful for. Somehow we needed to cook the egg and also trade the apple for bigger and better things. The balloons we just needed to handout and explain what we were doing.

My group went into a bakery where our egg was magically made into six different cakes. It truely is amazing how fast things cook ;)

Then we traded our apple for a children´s polony sausage at the butcher. The polony sausage we then traded for a book. We also traded one of our cakes for a can of coke and then the coke for a bowl. We tried to trade the bowl for pizza but they just gave us a bannana instead. Items that other groups collected and traded included wine, coffee, breathmints, snake skin, E10, nutella, a cat figurine, bird figurine, model phone and even a lamp. For their eggs the other groups just got them fried. It was a pretty fun experience and it was amazing to see how generous the people of Bad Honnef were.

That night Stephanie and I bonded over our love of gossip girl, the spanish speaking group sung songs in their native language and more chocolate was consumed.

Soon time came that we had to go back to our host families and we all said goodbye. I´m looking forward to the next camp.
BTW- I tried to add pictures but it wouldn´t work :( Tur mir Leid

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